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Other Kata

Itsutsu-No-Kata (Kata of The 5 Principles)

Itsutsu no kata is a kata of 5 principles. Professor Kano did not name the 5 principles and the names given below are from "The Complete 7 Katas of Judo" by M Kawaishi. Itsutsu no kata comprises 5 techniques or movements which are performed without any stopping and in a very gracefull and deliberate way.
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Principle of Concentration of Energy and of Action
Principle of Reaction and of Non Resistance
Cyclic Principle of the Circle or of the Whirlwind
Principle of Alternation of the Pendulum
Priciple of the Void or of Inertia
This kata provides (for the practitioners) a greater understanding of some of the science behind judo. Consider the first technique where tori approaches uke and then pushes uke to the point of breaking the balance (Concentration of energy). Once the balance is broken tori further pushes uke (Action) until the balance is completely broken and uke falls to the ground. Uke rises and attacks (Reaction) tori who does not resist (Non Resistance) but allows the energy through and guides uke past and to the ground.