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Randori Kata

Gonosen-No-Kata (Kata of Counters)

Gonosen no kata is a kata of fundamental counters and considered to be a randori no kata. Although often practiced by senior dan grades it is an excellent training aid for all. It is not usual to see Gonosen No Kata broken down into sets of techniques and there is often a pause after each group of three techniques to tidy the judo gi. I have left the text as 3 sets of techniques as this may help remember them.
See additional notes at the foot of this page.
1st Set - Ashi Waza
O soto gari countered with O soto gari
Hiza-guruma countered with Hiza-guruma
O-uchi-gari countered with Okuri-ashi-barai
De-ashi-barai countered with De-ashi-barai
Ko-soto-gake countered with Tai-otoshi
Ko-uchi-gari countered with Sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi
2nd Set - Koshi Waza
Kubi-nage countered with ushiro-goshi
Koshi-guruma countered with uki-goshi
Hane-goshi countered with sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi
Harai-goshi countered with utsuri-goshi
Uchi-mata countered with sukui-nage
3rd Set - Te Waza
Kata-seoi countered with sumi-gaeshi
Gonosen no kata can be demonstrated a number of ways and these include Tori being thrown and then showing the counter both slowly and then at full speed. Sometimes Tori and Uke changing their position relative to the kamiza. Or some mixture of Tori being thrown slowly and then countering a full speed attack from Uke. At some point the kata must be done at full speed if the practice is to be of benefit when in randori or shiai.